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IRAM’s Latest Line “Signature” Revolutionizes Elegance in the Jewelry World
Cairo, Egypt. February 2017
After a legacy extending for more than 80 years in gifting the with Egyptian community exquisite collections of finest quality diamonds, IRAM Jewelry is introducing a brand new line to redefine elegant diamond jewelry as we know it. Traditionally, the stone's size and glamour were believed to be the most integral element as the diamond setting is what achieves the perfect reflection of diamonds. However, IRAM has strived to grow past this tradition, the rather too familiar concept of focusing on the stone, to focus on its setting instead. The newest line by the Egyptian Company, launched under the name “Signature,” seeks to epitomize the true elegance of a woman’s beauty in its most timeless design.

The inspiration to grant the diamond setting an unprecedented attention began when the craftsmen at IRAM realized the setting's value and how the gold holding a precious stone is equally vital. In the numerous designs presented during the laborious three-year process, the goal was to finalize a jewelry piece that perfectly reflected beauty and captured the diamond's delicacy. As the new line comes with an unorthodox concept, the iconic “I” launches a revolution in the jewelry industry and opens up an array of opportunities to develop creativity, sophistication and beauty for future generations.

In 1935, when the craftsmanship became the soul of one family and ran in the blood of its successors, it was the beginning of IRAM's heritage. As four generations developed the business and IRAM established a strong presence in the Middle East, IRAM jewelry is now introducing the newest innovative line that can be found featuring rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Initiated for the first time in the Egyptian market, “Signature” Collection will be hitting stores starting February 20th, 2017.

Mr. Moustafa Nassar, Co-Founder of IRAM, expressed that “Over time, the jewelry industry became a part of my existence and not just a career. The idea of “Signature” Collection began with the aim to discover new ways in creating timeless masterpieces. Thus, we were inspired from the iconic “I” cornerstone and motif, we discovered the extraordinary magnificence and allure concealed within the setting. We believe this line will revolutionize the jewelry industry in the Middle East as a new concept of harmonized curves blended with clarified beauty that strives to restyle mesmerizing jewelry before our very eyes.”