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Siran specializes in day-to-day fashionable jewelry with unique modern designs. Siran is the first luxury gifting boutique in Egypt; where an exclusive collection of luxurious items has been carefully selected to be curated into captivating and thoughtful gifts. We aim is to make each gift a romantic juxtaposition between modern yet timeless subtleties that conjure a feeling of elegance and luxury, whilst the perfected harmony of raw sophisticated textures and sensorial delights commend sanctions that speak quietly to the soul.


Established in January 2008, the Bullion Trading Center (BTC) is the leading bullion trading and gold refining company in Egypt and the Middle East which specializes in bars and coins of various precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. An affiliate of Egypt Gold Group, BTC, was founded with both the intention and infrastructure to excel in the trade of precious metals, while also providing full-fledged services comprising the buying, selling, import, export and hedging of precious metals.

Al Kalema

Following the integration and expansion strategy set by the group, New Egypt Gold established “Kalyma,”an Egyptian joint stock company for foreign currency exchange. The company ensures the availability and flow of foreign currency liquidity that is vital for trade.