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Guarantee & Care Instructions

For over two decades, IRAM has engraved a name of renown in the world of jewelry with its excellent expertise, refined craftsmanship, and generational quality, all guided by the following promises: 

Authentic Designs & Superlative Quality 

Create inimitable designs that are timelessly aesthetic. While offering the highest quality diamonds that meet our strict clarity standards which are no less than (VS1-VS2) on the GIA clarity scale. 

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Provide our customers with a memorable royal experience in every step of their journey with IRAM, and enrich our everlasting relationship with our clients with unparalleled customer service and dutiful dedication to our clients. 

Set seamless and customer-centric return policies and deliver superior after-sales services that include: engraving services, re-sizing services, jewelry customization, and complimentary cleaning and polishing services

Commitment to the Community

Ensure responsible sourcing and sustainable processes and spread happiness within the wearers and beholders through capturing their beauty and special moments. 

A Rhapsody of Legacy and Loyalty

Carry on the family's legacy and designated name and translate our heritage and royalty into our branches, designs, and services for our esteemed clients.

Care Instructions