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  1. What is HRD?

HRD is Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification and jewelry reportsThe leading authority that ensures high standards of diamond grading, education and equipmentThis institution staffed by highly experienced scientists and engineers, specializing in identifying and measuring natural diamonds, using top- notch technologies and scientific methods to deliver the highest quality in all products and services.


        1. Why should you purchase from an HRD Antwerp endorsed point of trust?

    An HRD Antwerp grading report represents the hallmark of authentic European quality and provides consumers with confidence and peace of mind when purchasing diamonds or jewelry. 

    • It guarantees an objective examination for the diamond by the leading diamond experts using the most advanced examination equipment.
    • Assures value and product integrity.
    • Enhances your diamond shopping experience, it provides consumers with confidence and peace of mind when purchasing diamonds.
    • Guarantees exceptional exclusivity and quality according to the authentic european quality.
    • Educates customers about diamond quality.
    • and has a traceable database all over the world.






      IRAM HRD





      No two diamonds are alike. Each one is unique. This is why over the years a universal standard for identifying diamonds has been set. The quality and value of a diamond is defined according to the 4Cs: carat, colour, clarity and cut. At HRD Antwerp we are experts in analysing these characteristics. Our diamond grading report covers all 4Cs for loose diamonds, ensuring consumers know exactly what diamond they are buying.






      The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. One carat equals 0.2 grams or 100 points, which indicates the weight. HRD Antwerp has extremely accurate scales that measure up to 1/100 000 of a carat. This accurate weight is very useful for identifying diamonds.








      The colour of your diamond is determined by comparison with a series of master stones, with most diamonds ranging in colour from colourless to slightly yellow. A perfect diamond has no colour at all (D colour, exceptional white +). Diamonds are also available in ‘fancy colours’, ranging from brownish to striking yellow, pink, purple, red, blue and green. There is also a grading scale for fluorescence as some diamonds react to UV light, ranging from nil, slight, medium to strong.






      IRAM Clarity HRD


      Clarity refers to the diamond’s purity. All natural diamonds show traces of their growth history, which tend to be minor internal characteristics. The clarity scale reflects the size, number and location of these characteristics when examined with a 10x loupe. Diamonds that have no inclusions visible to the naked eye are of excellent quality. The very best – and rarest – clarity is called ‘loupe clean’ or ‘LC’. This means that no inclusions can be found when examining the diamond with a loupe.








      A diamond’s cut is essential to its beauty. The cut is divided into 3 grades: proportion, polish and symmetry. Each grade is evaluated according to 4 parameters: excellent, very good, good or fair. If the diamond is not well-cut, it will not interact with light as it should. A perfect cut equals more sparkle and fire with an even pattern of bright and dark areas.


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